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How to Test Motor Run Capacitors

Motor run capacitors aid in providing more power to an electric motor. Typically, the run capacitor is employed on motors that are attached to blowers in heating systems and air compressors. The run capacitor is oblong in shape and has a thin metal case. There are generally two electrical connectors on top of the capacitor housing. These electrical connection points are isolated from the exterior metal case and provide power to the internal workings of the device. Any testing meter that is used for the capacitor will be attached to these connectors.

Some digital meters may have a capacitor test position on the meter. Place the selector switch to the capacitor setting. There may be an icon on the meter that resembles this symbol ( ,
print out cards against humanity. It represents a capacitor test setting. Touch the leads to the terminals as described in Step 6 above. Older capacitors may contain oil products that are deemed hazardous to landfills and other disposal methods.

How to Check a Run Capacitor

Start, or run,
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How to Run Capacitor Testing

Checking the run capacitor may mean the difference between an electric motor continuing to function or breaking down. Run capacitors store electrical,
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How to Test Start Capacitors

Start capacitors are common for several appliances around the home that are run by an electric motor,
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What Is the Capacitor on an Electric Motor For?

How to Check a Run or a Start Capacitor

Many diagnostic procedures on refrigeration and air conditioning systems require special equipment. But if you already traced the problems with your unit.

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