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Peugeot 207 CC GT THP 150

When Peugeot first showed the 206 CC concept in 2000, most people thought it had gone mad. A folding hard top on a supermini how could bosses make that affordable?Up until that point,
cards against humanity full set, the complex roofs had only been seen on Mercedes’ SLK and SL, so the French company pulled off a world first by making the technology cost effective at this end of the cabriolet market.And its efforts were certainly rewarded. The 206 CC proved a huge success all over Europe, and was one of the UK’s top selling convertibles for five years. Now, the 207 is carrying on where its predecessor left off.While the old model was penned by Pininfarina, the design of the new CC was brought in house although there are plenty of similarities. For starters,
cards against humanity review?, both cars have a roof made of two parts. But this has an unwelcome impact on the styling. For the panels to fill the roof gap,
cards agsinst humanity, the windscreen has to extend a long way back over the cabin. This means it’s easy to bang your head on the A pillars when you get in the car, plus they cause blind spots at junctions.Thankfully,
crimes against humanity game, the 207’s driving position isn’t as bad as the 206 CC’s. A lower seating position means you don’t feel hemmed in by the windsceen. And the latest car’s cabin is roomier and better built than those of its Vauxhall Tigra and Mitsubishi CZC rivals.Once on the road, the Peugeot shows why it’s such a sales hit. For starters, the 1.6 litre engine is a real cracker.The turbo unit has a linear power delivery and plenty of low down torque, so acceleration and in gear response is never lacking. That’s just as well, though, because the slack manual gearbox makes changing up and down a real chore. The five speed transmission is the weakest link in the 207 CC’s package.The chassis is a mixed bag. Supple damping helps to isolate bumps, and the ride is composed. While there is still some movement to be felt around the A pillars, the CC resists body shake better than similarly priced rivals. Small Peugeots have always been famed for their sharp turn in, and the drop top is no exception. It’s no hot hatch, but it’s tough to beat in its class.WHY: French firm’s supermini based drop top is currently the UK’s best selling cabriolet.EconomyGiven its price and engine size, it’s no surprise that the 207 is the cheapest to run by some margin. The 1.6 litre turbo emits 171g/km only 7g/km more than the hatch so the Peugeot will cost 1,530 a year for a higher band earner as a company car. It’s frugal, too; on our varied test route, we averaged 33.1mpg. Servicing costs 574 for the first three checks, while the 364 insurance and 54.6 per cent residual predictions make it a good all round ownership prospect.

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